PayPal Paid Surveys – List of Surveys that Pay Through PayPal and Sign Up Links

Are you looking for surveys that pay through PayPal? If yes, you are at right place.

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Here you will find details and reviews of PayPal paid surveys that you can join for free and make extra money in your spare time doing paid online surveys.

Without further ado, here are the top 20 survey sites that pay by PayPal:

legit surveys that pay through PayPal

Discover the Power Of Voicing Your Opinion through survey sites, being heard and paid good cash for it because you matter! Top 20 Legitimate Survey Sites that actually pay well? Here’s my very Own List and reviews based on my survey taking experience.

Surveys for Money PayPal: Below is a list of survey sites that pay through PayPal. Join ALL of them to maximize your earnings.

All of them are 100% free to join. Also, don’t forget to confirm your email id after joining each survey panel.

The Best Surveys for Money that Pay by PayPal

  1. Nielsen Survey
  2. Swagbucks
  3. Surveyjunkie
  4. Ipsos i-Say
  5. Pinecone Research
  6. Opinion Outpost
  7. National Consumer Panel
  8. One Opinion
  9. Opinionsly
  10. Lifepoints

Now we will discuss these PayPal paid surveys in details.

1. SwagBucks

SwagBucks is so far my favorite online rewards program. It’s owned and operated by Prodege and was first launched February 25th 2008.

Swagbucks has paid over 125 million in free cash and gift cards to it’s members. They start you off with a $5 bonus when you first sign up and offer a great range of rewards during cash out.

The design and layout of this site is not only fresh and trendy but also easy to maneuver. You earn fantastic rewards for doing basically anything on the internet, browse just as you normally would and get paid for it! …. Read More

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PayPal paid surveys

2. YouGov

YouGov is yet another well paying survey site with over 2.5 million active members of all ages.

The company not only carries out public product research through surveys and polls, but also keeps us informed and involved on the latest political, public affairs and cultural news in the United states!

This site is easy to maneuver, interesting and fun to participate in.

Unlike other research panels that offer surveys that literally take forever to finalize, majority of YouGov surveys are easy and take… Read More

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3. Global Test Market

It was started in August 1999 as a segment of Global Market In site, Inc. Users are awarded for participating in paid surveys through Market Points – which can be converted to cash.

Global test market makes it easy for you to earn fast and guaranteed cash.Most surveys usually offer 35-100 Market Points. The rewards are mostly based on the duration of the surveys taken. Market Points are redeemable for funds as soon as you’ve built up to the minimum of 230market points which is equivalent to 10$, 345points to 15$, 460points to… Read More

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4. MySurvey

Mysurvey, formerly known National Family Opinion is an outstanding survey site with reliable customer service and guaranteed pay. Which is one of the reasons it gets a clean A+ rating by the BBB ( Better Business Bureau). This online research panel was launched in 1995 and is owned and operated by Lightspeed Online Research, Inc.

MySurvey has the highest payouts compared to all the other survey companies, a sum of over 14 million dollars! You get awarded $2-$20 for… Read More

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5. Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online is another legitimate survey site worth trying. Its been around for over 45 yrs and has around 6 million members to date. It is quite easy to maneuver this site, and everything is pretty much very straight forward.

Once you sign up you you’ll start be receiving 2-5 surveys each week which take about 5-30 minutes to fill in. The pay well so it still builds up pretty quick.

In case you start a survey but qualify you… Read More

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6. Fusion Cash

This is basically a simple fun site that members complete trial offers, participating in surveys and also get paid for reading emails.

Fusion cash has paid more than $2 million, to it’s members since it first started out. Users payment varies from $0.05 – $5 which can be paid through paypal, check, or direct deposit to your bank account!

Minimum payout is $25. However, $15 has to be made through actual participation in the site not referrals. Fusion cash has very strict… Read More

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7. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is one of the most convenient and legitimate survey sites available. It’s a survey site, which compensates it’s members to carry out 10-30 minute surveys ranging from $0.25 – $5. Which are sent regularly giving you a better chance of earning good money. They also pay their members to complete offers ranging from $0.10 – $30. In addition, you get a $5 sign up bonus to start you off !

One of the good things about this site is, you don’t get disqualified as much for surveys as some other sites do. And if by any chance you don’t qualify for a survey they still give you a chance to spin the wheel and you easily win cash prizes!

You also get to play fun games like big money, wheel of fortune, Royal flush… Read More

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PayPal surveys

8. Paid View Point

Paid View point is a new survey panel with a lively professional look, that is also simple to maneuver and easy to work with. This survey site offers you simple short surveys (Which everybody loves) that still earn you a good amount of money.

This site rewards devoted and active survey users way more than others. They use a rating known as TraitScore to evaluate the registered members. If you give the correct information about yourself on surveys and also give honest answers based on your thoughts and opinions, you secure a… Read More

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9. SpringBoard America

SpringBoard America is one the best survey sites around. You get paid accordingly by participating in surveys. Aside from Survey Bucks, Springboard America offers its members access into prize drawings, where they can earn cash prizes. By simply becoming a member, you will instantly be entered into a drawing for $1000.

The minimum payout for this survey site is $50 though, meaning if you choose to stop after at any given moment… Read More

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10. Survey4Profit

Survey4Profit is a reliable but different type of site. You join for free and they send you emails for which survey sites to join and what’s available for you. Surveys will usually range from $1-5$ depending on which survey site they are sending you too. Survey4profit doesn’t have any offers either.

So far haven’t heard any complains from this site, apart from the fact that it’s appearance is makes most people … Read More

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11. Zoom Panel

Zoom panel sends you surveys that you complete to earn rewards. This amazing survey panel was previously operated by Survey Monkey but then switched to Critical Mix.

You get awarded 50 free zoom points upon joining the site. They pay surveys 30-160 points depending on whether its a short or long survey. Once you accumulate over 1000 points, you can redeem the points for gifts cards.

You rarely get disqualified for any surveys, which is pretty common with many other survey sites and can be pretty disappointing. And if by any chance you get disqualified, you get still get awarded… Read More

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12. Toluna

Toluna is a market research panel with it’s headquarters in France. Judging by it’s latest accomplishments Your2Cents, Greenfield Online, and Ciaos survey panels, Toluna is expanding to be amongst the greatest known survey companies globally.

After completing your registration ensure you fill out the profile surveys so that Toluna can send you targeted surveys which you qualify for. This keeps you from constant disqualification pop ups from surveys starting surveys that don’t fit your criteria. Toluna sends you surveys through emails every week. Their surveys are normally pretty… Read More

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surveys sites that pay through paypal

13. Quickrewards Network

With this site, you make money by clicking ads, completing surveys, reading through emails and engaging in offers. QuickRewards Network is one of the highest paying survey sites available, when it comes to both surveys and offers. They compensate you up to $10 per survey and a good reasonable amount when it comes to offers. You’re normally credited for offers a few hrs after completion.

This site is free to enroll in. They collaborate with many huge popular stores. In which you can earn as much as… Read More

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14. MindsPay Survey

MindsPay is a survey site that sends you email invites to carry out surveys, engage in focus groups and paid product testing opportunities every single day.

It’s free to join and members get fairly compensated via PayPal. Users also get a $3 sign up bonus when they register which is great!

The average pay for Mindspay is $1-$20 per survey and takes 5-15minutes to complete. Lowest payout is $50 which is quite a high amount to attain compared to other survey sites.Payments are …Read More

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15. VIP Voice Survey

Vip Voice is amongst the most ancient and reputable survey sites online, that has more than 2.5 million involved members. It was founded in 1967 and is part of the NPD group. Over the years, this survey panel has worked together with leading corporations that are inclined to compensate survey takers for their efforts.

You’ll start by signing up and confirming your registration by email. You’ll immediately qualify for cash surveys. Their surveys are consistent…Read more

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16. TreasureTrooper

This site is very similar to FusionCash. You make money by completing offers and surveys. But even more interesting is the treasure hunting game you also get to play and forum participation that can win you even more cash! You can also enjoy cash back when you shop through their site. Meaning you get a discount on any item you purchase, through the sites listed to shop on the TreasureTrooper survey site.

You’re rewarded a $1 sign up bonus after completing your profile and can start right away on… Read More

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17. Opinion Outpost

This site has a western theme which is a bit hard to navigate, but once you get accustomed to it, it’s a piece of cake!

In order to sign up, select the Town hall icon. After you register you should browse through the grand hotel icon which is precisely where your account and other important data is.

Fill in the profile surveys so you’ll be able to receive targeted invites for surveys.You get paid 10-100 points per survey, but you need 50 points for minimum payout which is equivalent to 5 dollars. Indeed a… Read More

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surveys for cash PayPal

18. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research survey site is very hard to even come across in order to join. Most people join this research panel through the minimal advertisements found on the internet or if referred by an existing member. It is quite popular but has a high preference to honest reliable participants.

When you start receiving surveys invites from Pinecone, the instructions are simple and you’re rewarded a fair $3 for your… Read More

19. iPoll

iPoll is not your ordinary survey site but it’s most definitely amongst the most ideal. It was founded in 2008 by the same persons who started Matt Dusig, and Gregg Lavin. With iPoll Your opinion is important and just by signing up with them they reward you a 5$ bonus instantly.

Minimum payout has been changed from 35$ to 10$ meaning the user has an easy advantage of actually cashing out if they choose to quit answering surveys.

Before joining this site… Read More

20. Ipsos i-Say Survey Panel

Ipsos i-Say survey panel, is one of the top leading survey sites that I would definitely recommend. This survey site has a variety of different interesting survey concepts to select from and compensates you cash to complete them.

Aside from that, you still get the chance to enter contests, create your own polls, play games and share your ideas with other members, which makes it also a fun site to engage in

In order for you to cash out, you must accumulate 1000 points to get a 10$ check. If your really looking to make some extra cash, the frequency of surveys available in this site is incredible and with an average of 90 points per survey. This makes it a little easier to reach the minimum cash out of 1000 points.

surveys for free PayPal money

List of Surveys for Money that Pay by PayPal

  • Swagbucks
  • Surveyjunkie
  • Ipsos i-Say
  • Opinion Outpost
  • One Opinion
  • Opinionsly
  • Lifepoints

The above are some of the best surveys that pay cash through PayPal.

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